Bastet – Totem of the Coven of the Catta

Coven of the Catta


Image from Scarlet and Purple Tumplr blog

Bastetis the animal totem for the Coven of the Catta (Latin for cat). Further back in our lineage the Horse was the animal totem of Sybil Leek’s Coven of the Horsa from the New Forest in England. Before that the Red Dragon was the animal totem of the Coven de la Dragon Rouge in SE France.

Bastet statue black gold earring

Bast from the British Museum

I think Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue and Lord Merlin aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee chose the cat as a totem for their Coven back in 1967 for several reasons. First off, the cat has traditionally been associated with Witchcraft for hundreds of years. But i think more importantly it was because they both Loved cats. Lady Phoebe had several cats in her house before she passed. And Dr Santee also had a few pet cats, including one named Bastet who unfortunately…

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