SATOR Runic Square in the Hex House for its 2nd Anniversary

SATOR runes HH 2 June 2013

SATOR Runic Square with closeup below

SATOR runes HH 2 June 2013 - Copy

I have written about the little white cabin, which I call the Hex House, I was privileged to acquire two years ago here and here before. I used to have lots of pictures of various sigils hung around the walls, including one of a SATOR square at the top of the stairway that leads to the second floor temple. In Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wow, and in various grimoires, this is used for protection, and in the Pow-Wow practice especially to protect a house from fire. So since I had taken the original sigil down with all other pictures I decided to celebrate the second anniversary on 2 June by painting the SATOR square in the Elder Futhark runes at that same spot today. I probably should have used a thinner brush with my shaky hand, but it came out OK and is fully charged. The pictures are above, and for those of you not familiar with this sigil and the Elder Futhark those pictures are below. Protection against fire – So Mote It Be!


SATOR square in English and Elder Futhark below