For the Solitary Witch – Marian Green’s “A Witch Alone” in PDF


Cover of Marian Green’s “A Witch Alone”

I can see that a lot of my fellow bloggers are what one would call Solitary Practitioners instead of members of a Coven of Witches, and i am posting this for them. Even though i have been the high priest of an older coven for over 30 years i still consider myself a solitary in many ways because i think i do my best magicke alone or with a quiet friend out in the woods. I like both methods, solitary and group coven work. They both seem to fulfill different parts of me – the hermit and the priest.

The other day i ran across this link to  Marian Green’s 1991 book “A Solitary Witch” in PDF, which i had never read before, and am about one third through right now. I thought from when it was written it might me a little “new agey” for me, but it does not read that way at all, and she writes a genuine teaching from her own experience and heart about her relationship in Nature to the Goddess and God of Witchcraft. According to the Wikipedia review she is a little pro-Hutton and anti-Gardner but more in her methods not in a personal way. Here is a quote from that review:

“Green rejects the idea, dominant in the period after the revival of pagan witchcraft by Gerald Gardner, that witchcraft needs to be coven-based and organised around formal initiations conferred by coven leaders She teaches that the old divinities are elemental forces which can be encountered in the natural world, alone and without prescribed ritual forms”

I always feel a little guilty giving a link to a PDF of a book still in print, because it takes money away from the author, so here is the Amazon link to purchase the book in real or Kindle formats. I think many of you will benefit from and enjoy this book. Blessed Be.

10 thoughts on “For the Solitary Witch – Marian Green’s “A Witch Alone” in PDF

  1. I read this book years ago when I was just starting out in paganism and witchcraft. I can’t remember it in detail but I do remember being impressed and influenced by it.

  2. I gave this book to a teen I was entrusted with for some time, her mother was pagan, but was too over worked to offer any guidance. As the girl was leaving the state, I thought taking this with her would bring her some comfort. It wasn’t really my style of the craft, but it fit very well with what the girl had grown up with in occasional rituals.

  3. I really enjoyed this book too, I have read and enjoyed a few books by Marion Green, she also edits Quest Magazine, which is a really interesting quarterly magazine about the Magical Heritage of the West.

  4. This is one of the very few beginners’ books that I’m happy to recommend without caveat. I don’t know if Quest is still being published though – it was only very sporadic getting on for 10 years ago and seemed to be mostly reprinting its own material from many years earlier than that.

    • Well that makes several people recommend her book for beginning solitaries, so thanks for your feedback also.I did finish the book, and though not much into guided meditations, especially when led by someone else, she did lay down the road to what they are and how to develop your own. Thank you.

  5. I’m bidding on an athame on eBay. I’ve never had an athame before. I have a machete but I only keep it handy if I need to threaten a potentially dangerous spirit (I never have). Maybe I can figure out what to do with the thing now, provided I win the auction. Thanks!

    PS – If I actually read the whole book I’ll buy it from Amazon. It may be problematic as I don’t do duotheism.

    • Good luck on the eBay bidding, but you might want to just look at a local flea market or yard sale and let it find you. I found mine in a friend’s grandfather’s barn in his tool box, a hand made blade that was never sharpened so it was not used as a knife. And i found it on Halloween, lol. PS i deleted your double comment.

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