Death to Santa Muerte: The Vatican vs. the Skeleton Saint (from the Huffington Post)


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The Wild Hunt’s Unleash the Hounds Link Roundup today feathered an interesting link to an article by R. Andrew Chestnut at the Huffington Post Religion blog entitled Death to Santa Muerte: The Vatican vs. the Skeleton Saint about the Mexican government and the Catholic church’s effort there to wipe out the cult of Santa Muerte. It is an excellent article and goes into the facts in detail, and at the end has a great slide show of her and her shrines and worshipers. I can’t believe the previous Mexican president actually bulldozed 40 shrines to her along the Mexican-American border! Yes i know she is the patron saint to the narco-trafficers, but she is much more. To me she is obviously Ghede’s mate Maman Brigit. And the Catholic church is complaining because they are losing followers to the Pentecostals. Now in my teens i was at a Pentecostal church meeting mostly attended by heroin addicts in rehab, and i can tell you they truly do reach a state of ecstasy and trance with their dancing and speaking in tongues, so it is probably more like the native religion and less boring than a Catholic mass, and maybe they do not condemn condoms either. So enjoy the article.

La Muerte spiderweb eyes

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2 thoughts on “Death to Santa Muerte: The Vatican vs. the Skeleton Saint (from the Huffington Post)

  1. Santa Muerte is a mighty spirit who accepts everyone because death accepts everyone. She’s not just a spirit She’s a Goddess, Mictecacihuatl, the Mexica (Aztec) Goddess of the Underworld in a new guise. Her cultus is many, many hundreds of years of years old and will not be stopped by any pronouncements from the Vatican or anybody else. Narcos, prostitutes, soccer moms, ordinary folks—all can be found worshipping Her in Mexico and and the numbers of her devotees is increasing rapidly (may the Gods be thanked) in the USA. Everyone, including narcos, gangsters, prostitutes, gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, deserves the right to their own spirituality. —May whatever time the Vatican has left be short.

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