Yea i am still without much to write about, recovering from these surgeries, so am still exploring Tumblr sites. Have you figured out i am more visual than verbal yet? Tomorrow or some day in the future i may write about the question “Where do our friends go?”.


Until then i recommend the SEXDEATHREBIRTH Tumblr type of website/blog and their Archives link. This blog has a lot of Tantric Buddhist and Hindu images with some rare erotic nudity so 18+ only to link to both.


The second is called CAULDRON AND CROSS and their Archives which contains a variety of gothic, religious and magickal images.


All the pictures in this post are from these blogs,and both have Years of posts so if you are bored watching TV some night let your fingers do some surfing. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “SEXDEATHREBIRTH and CAULDRON AND CROSS Tumblr blogs recommended

  1. Fabulous images – I saw some amazing erotic carvings in temples in india. And of course there are a few pretty intimate sheela-na-gigs in English churches as well just going to show that sex still occasionally found a way into the usually prim iconography of christianity!

  2. Oh, wonderful! Just what I needed before bed and after a long night. Hope you get well soon after your surgeries. I’m reaching the end of a hiatus, too. I’ll write all about it soon. Thank you for sharing so many images!

    • Glad you enjoyed them Val. Its hard to search for such things on Tumblr but every once in awhile i find a good site. I am healing well from this device implant and slowly increasing the voltage to see if it helps my dystonia, so thanks for asking. BB.

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