An introduction to my spiritual path

I am really impressed by this humble and genuine lady Karen, who started out in Brazil practicing Macumba and then in her youth moved to Australia where she continues to practice both her native path and Witchcraft in her own way. She has a long family history in these practices. This is a nice video about her path. Make sure you go to her About page and to check out her whole blog – The Elemental Witch – Magickal Rambelings by an Australian / Brazilian Witch. I am going to follow her after watching this and checking out the blog so far. Blessings.

4 thoughts on “An introduction to my spiritual path

    • Yea the lady seems to have a lot of experience, and is not pretentious like she is trying to sell something or herself. How strange a Brazilian in Australia practicing both Macumba and Witchcraft, lol.

  1. I know – its an interesting mix I’m not surprised she has developed an eclectic approach to her spirituality on top of her traditional roots!

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