“Embrace Culture” from AmerIndian Elder Florence Jones

In yesterday’s post I featured some websites and writings connected with Ms. Max Dashu. On further investigation i found her great blog entitled Veleda which also is full of even more great writings. I especially liked the ones on Native American shamanism, specifically Female Powers and Places in Indian North America and Sacred Women in North American Rock Art. In the first article she mentions the late Indian Elder Florence Jones (1907-2003) and i just Loved this short video about her. I tell you there is no real difference in their essence (though differences in some ritual techniques and mythology of course) between what i practice as a witch of the Western European traditions and the native Americans practiced. Enjoy this wonderful video with description below:

From YT:

“Florence Jones (1907-2003) was the spiritual leader and chief healer of the Winnemem Wintu tribe of Northern California. The Wintu have called the McCloud River Watershed near Mount Shasta home for more than 1000 years, but were not provided a reservation as gold miners and pioneers drove them away in the name of industry.

Although the Wintu’s numbers have dwindled from over 14,000 when contact with non-Natives was recorded to only 395, Jones has been at the forefront of a fight to save sacred sites and their way of live.

By learning and teaching to EMBRACE CULTURE, Jones was able to lead the Wintu in a successful bid to block the construction of a ski resort on sacred Wintu land.”