Lisa Gerrard – The Host Of Seraphim

Metal Gaia posted this video by Dead Can Dance. I love their music, this video and the Yolunga one, so click on that link and experience that video too. They are a genre all their own for sure. Her voice makes my spirit fly, and the beauty of the videos opens my heart.

Metal Gaia

Lisa Gerrard is the hypnotic voice leading the World Fusion group “Dead Can Dance.”

Dead Can Dance is a unique group that doesn’t fit into any pre-existing musical genre. They incorporate a variety of different worldly elements into their music such as African Poly-rhythms, Gaelic Folk and Middle Eastern Mantras.

Another beautiful symposium of their music with natural imagery is their Yolunga video.


Dead Can Dance Official Site

Dead Can Dance Official Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Lisa Gerrard – The Host Of Seraphim

  1. I haven’t heard Dead Can Dance For Ages, I forgot how good they were! My cats have never heard DCD before and one of them jumped up and watched the video looking all zen-ed out while the other one started to look around to find out where the voices were coming from!! I think that means they both like Dead can Dance too! :0)

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