Star Sirius / Sothis Egyptian Invocation

Cassie’s recent poem post inspired me to look back Deep into my archives  from 25+ years ago for a poem I copied from some Egyptian text decades ago. I find this invocation very inspiring and uplifting. I have always felt a deep connection with ISIS and the Egyptian religions. Back in 12 July 1986 after spending about 9 months of meditations to open my Crown chakra I had a very personal UPG (unverified personal gnosis) of the Goddess of Sirius-B which lasted for 3 periods of several hours each all day into the night. It was like riding in a silver disk projected out of my crown with Thoth at the prow and Anubis at the helm. It was all about the Aeon of Hrumachis, the Lord of the two horizons, the Double-Wanded One, and it affects my magicke to this day. Anyway, below is the untitled poem:


I am Yesterday and Tomorrow,

and have the power to regenerate myself.

Hail, Lord of the Shrine

standing at the center of our Earth-realm

and stretching to Celestial heights.

He is I and I am He.

The garment wherewith I am clothed

is complete.

And the tears start from my eyes

as I see myself journeying

toward the Divine Festival and made strong.

I have been working many days and hours

aligning the twelve Star-powers in me,

and connecting them,

joining the hands of their Company

each to each.

The hitherto closed door of the wall

is thus thrust open.

I rejoice thereat and come forth

like one who forceth a way through the Gate,

and the radiance my Heart hath made

is enduring.

I can walk in my new Immortal body.

I rise like Ra.

I am strong through the Eye of Horus.

My heart is uplifted after it was brought low.

I am glorious on heaven and on earth.

I fly like the Divine Falcon,

and have the Egg of the sacred wild goose.

And I can alight upon the Lake of Life

and rest upon it.

Then I rise up and am like a god,

being nourished by divine food,

and go to the domain of the Starry Gods.

The double doors of Divine Justice-in-Mercy

are opened unto me.

The double doors of the great deep are unbolted before me.

And I rise on the Stairway

to that heaven where dwell the gods.

Now I speak with a voice

and accents to which they listen,

and my Language is that of the Star Sirius.

Sothis speaks to me in her own good time.

Isis Winged

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  1. Wow, I’ve been to Egypt, the monuments are amazing (and Pyramids definately have presence!) but I have never read any of the texts.

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