Thanks Cassie for mentioning me as being You-Nique in you award! I am finally getting around to reblogging this as i have gotten 2 surgeries in 8 days and try to catch up on stuff in moments of controlled pain and lucidity. I am going to have to be lazy here and just refer people to my blog roll, which included your two sites of course. I just went through and edited that list. Many write of their magickal experiences, and some are sites of poetry and good ghost stories, and some, like you, write from heart with no hold barred, and i appreciate the latter the best of course. And per your requirement for this award of course anyone who wants to ask me anything, ask away. I really have little to hide. as i enjoy sharing my stray thoughts from time to time on this blog. Thanks again as you are quite You-Nique too!

Cassie & Sophie NSFW


Several months ago Art Of Stumbling nominated me for a blogging award. It was very kind of her but in fact it was one of those awards that was going around and I had already been nominated for it and answered the accompanying questions. However AoS suggested in her nomination that if people didn’t want to pass the award on, they might instead create their own award. And that is what I have (eventually) done.

There are probably millions of blogs out there writing about every conceivable subject. When I started writing this blog I had no idea where it would go, what it would be about or that it would eventually  lead to two other blogs. It started as a writing exercise. It has become a kind of diary and collection of thoughts and opinions, but unlike an old fashioned diary I am aware that other people read it…

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