Solomonic and Thelemic Magicke for the KCHGA in the Hex House – Part 2 – The Rituals

Metatron sigil 3 just sigil

Sigil of Metatron

Please refer to Solomonic and Thelemic Magicke for the KCHGA in the Hex House – Part 1 – Preparation for the first of this two part post.

HH25june2012 (2)

Temple Sigils pictures above and below

upper temple lokas

Now that the Hex House was cleaned and prepared, and various altars were arranged on the first floor, and the place felt pretty damned good energy wise, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty.  I turned the second floor loft into a Solomonic Runic temple for the Great Work of the KCHGA. I bought 5 iron pentagram candle sconces and mounted them int he four directions and at the top of the stairs entrance. I printed out and framed white on black talismans of various QBL and Medieval magickal significance for the elements and the working that covered every space on the wall, including the SATOR square one seen at the end of the first post, where i burned a black candle for protection. In the other sconces i burned candles of the elemental colours. I found the center of the room and drew out 3 concentric circles of about 7 foot circumference in chalk on the floor. In the outer circle i had pentagrams and Templar crosses. In the inner circle traced in Germanic runes the names of various archangels and other deities relevant to the working. In the East i had an incense censor, which i moved to the center of the temple during rituals. In the South I had a red candle. In the West i had an iron cauldron with water. And in the North i had a pantacle with a triangle of manifestation in it surrounded by an iron chain. In the center of the circle i had a pillow to sit upon and later an iron table to hold my ritual texts, a bell and a lamp of Abramelin oil. I stood a Templar style sword into a slit in the floor and later mounted that from a chain from ceiling. That is the basic physical set up of the temple, with variations as the months of ritual progressed.

circle solomaic temple

Magickal Circle pictures above and below

crystal ball spiral 3

HH yule 2011 3


HH Magicke Altar

sword temple 2

Now before i go any further i want to explain that even though i am using the term Solomonic ritual, i do not subscribe to the Medieval practice of the magickian standing protected in a circle invoking the names of God and evoking into a triangle the names of various daemons. I think that practice to be very dualistic almost to the point of schizophrenic psychologically, and old aeonic from a Thelemic viewpoint. But i am not putting that system down because it does have it purposes and does work.

The inner astral temple invoked – As  i was formulating this ritual i made my own Middle Pillar and LBR ritual using the traditional Archangels of the four directions, and added gods and angels like Metatron, Adonai (who is invoked in my Coven’s rituals), Solomon, Baphometon, Babalon, Sandalphon and other deities i will not name. I would start out forming this astral sphere around me and evoke the Archangels of the four directions, swing my censor of frankincense to their directions, and ring the bell intoning the names of power. I would then sit down in front of the iron table and sometimes read aloud and sometimes in silence the rituals below. Often it was so cold i would be fully clothes plus wearing a heavy woolen robe and gloves. Like i said, i did this for about 9 months total.

The rituals i used were those penned by Aleister Crowley. I Love his rituals and can really become enflamed reading them especially out loud. I did the same ritual times 3 for 3 days, then went on to the next ritual, and on and on over those 9 months. Below are the rituals I used:

Liber Israfel

Liber Samekh

Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente

Libers HHH, AAA and SSS

The Gnostic Mass

and others……

After the ritual I would take down the circles but often if it was warm enough would lay down on the little bed up there and continue to run my chakras so to speak. I had some profound meditations and trances and even some manifestation of ectoplasm at times. In this picture below this snaky wave of light kept undulating in front of me even though i could figure out no explanation regarding sunlight or reflections because it happened on a totally wind free day.

HH 27 Nov 2011 9

hh incense 6

hand mala ray of light

After about 9 months i could feel the energy waning and cut back on the rituals, but felt totally satisfied with the results. Did i truly attain the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel? Well maybe not in the classic grimoire sense, or even in Crowley’s definition. But I Did reawaken my upper chakras or sephiroth and these beams of energy coming down continue with me to this day. Metatron and Adonia are definitely open vortexes that i can tap in to today.

I did have one glitch, or maybe not, in this ritual cycle. My girlfriend and her daughter are very psychic, unlike me. Sometimes when they were here her daughter especially would see a dark form over at the Hex House. I did not get paranoid but did do some banishings in case something slipped through from Daath. With the medical problems i have dealt with in the last three years i have often had times of depression and “bad thoughts” so to speak, and this may have manifested. One night i woke up around 3am and there clear as day, or as night, was a dark figure sitting on the chair in my bedroom with legs crossed and fingers folded. I knew it was Samael. Bottom line is we wrestled for a few weeks and even months with him as he wanted me to end my life. But in the end we reached a gentleman’s agreement and he has faded away, though always remains. I do not attempt to banish such a high Archangel which is a part of my subconscious, but had to work some magickes using the Archangel Mikael to keep him in his place. You can read more about this at previous posts here and here and here and here.


Hanging Templar Sword and Circle Deconstruction

hh incense 5

HHritual4sept2012 (1)

HHritual4sept2012 (2)

Regarding the temples, once the work seemed done, i gradually reabsorbed them back into the temple matrices already in my main house in other temples. The AmerIndian altar and spirits remain. I go over to the Hex House almost daily in the afternoon of sunny days when the hanging Austrian crystal beams forth rainbows and light incense and ring the bell and do a simple circle cross over my body using a formula that is of a Christian Kabalistic method: Adonai, El Shaddhi, Yeshua, Mariam, Solomon.

Captain Blacks and Sherry

Post Ritual Repast – Dry Sack Sherry and Captain Black Cigars

I wrote this on and off over a period of 6 hours today, so i apologize if it rambles on, and will come back later to polish the words. I wrote this, like i said at the beginning of the first part, to share a very intense magickal working and the lessons learned from it and benefits, and dangers, of such a working.

HH iron cross skeleton key

All Photographs Copyright 2013 GLHoke

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  1. I found these past two posts to be very enlightening, informative and evocative. There are hints of the mysteries, wonders and occasional dangers we expose ourselves to in our craft. I particularly like the way the physical space you were able to utilise both symbolised and reflected the magical/spiritual energies you were surrounded by/working with. I feel quite inspired to go out and find my own little hut to ensconce myself in for a season or two of intense ritual and meditation… One day maybe!

  2. This looks like it was hard work! And sometimes the journey and process can be more important than the result at the end.

  3. Wow! That was totally intense. I think you may have more than one guardian angel though – sounds like your girlfriend’s daughter was looking out for you too ;0)

    • My gf was actually more helpful in the interpretation of alll that raw psychic info from her teen daughter, and I was able to deal with the dark side of things that popped up that way.

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