Solomonic and Thelemic Magicke for the KCHGA in the Hex House – Part 1 – Preparation

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I am writing this series of posts because i think some magickians may find them of interest and instruction. I did these rituals from the Autumn of 2011 through the summer of 2012, expect for some short breaks due to extreme cold in the unheated building i had the temple in. The working was a ritual for the Knowledge and Conversation of one’s Holy Guardian Angel. I know that is a big undertaking, but i had a lot of time on my hands and my mind was in the right state and my will focused. I did not talk about this working with any but a couple of my closest witch/magickian friends, and took only them to the second floor where the main temple/circle was laid. But now that the ritual cycle is far over and time has passed i feel it is OK to share this experience with others. The first post will be about the set up of the whole physical temple, and the second post will get more into the rituals and experiences i had.

NW outside

Die Hex Haus

HH wintersolstice 6

When i bought this house almost 10 years ago next to it was a little weathered white cabin built around 1935 that was still owned by a lady whose family used it to camp up here way back in the day. She had a lot of emotional attachment to it but wanted to sell it since she did not live nearby but wanted an exorbitant amount of money for it and the tiny bit of property it sat upon barely bigger than the house itself. The cabin is about 8 X 12 floor space and 2 stories high with a loft above. It is made of fir and pine and there was almost no insect damage. There has never been any water, sewage or electricity in it. Every few years she would put a For Sale sign on it and of course everyone interested would come to me since they assumed it was mine since i lived next to it. Finally one day a fundamentalist Christian looked at it and told me he wanted to have a “prayer house” in it. The guy creeped me out and it was then i decided to buy it, having talked her way down in the price over the years. So i borrowed some money from my bro and made it so. That’s when the physical work began.


Four Directions painted on back porch post

back door sigil

Various Runic Sigils and Phrases

front soor sigil and runes 1

Doktor Schlange Hex Haus

besom front dooor 1

Besom with hand made handle by the front door

Once she removed what she wanted i began the big clean out. She did leave an old green rocking chair that was her grandfather’s and an old fold out box spring bed upstairs. The place had been sealed up like King Tut’s tomb for decades, hot and dry, so there was very little to no mold in it. I ripped up all the old carpet and nails and stripped it down to just wood. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, including vacuuming up about a million (no exaggeration) dead lady bugs. Over the decades people had piled about a ton of old tires and other junk under the house, and my cousin and a friend helped me crawl under and pull all that out into a pile for a local junk man to haul away.


Grandfather rocker by sunny south window

The place started to feel really good spiritually, and i noticed that an Indian spirit from the mountain came down to visit. I knew him from other sacred spots he had appeared to me at in the past. I could also feel the animal spirit of the red fox who had died under the house a few years ago. You can read about that at my previous post Red Fox Bones and Spirit and download a PDF of that story here. I called the place The Hex House, not because i was doing any hexing there, but because i intended to do some Pa Dutch powwow work and German rune magicke here. Downstairs there was a built in cabinet that served as my Hex closet with hex signs and various Christian deities pictures in it. I had an altar to my physical ancestors in one corner, and to my spiritual ancestors and teachers on a table. And in another corner i have an AmerIndian altar with feathers, crystals, those fox bones, a turtle shell, and other items. I painted various bind runes and rune phrases in German translated into runic over the doors.

Hex Cabinet

Powwow cabinet with Red fox bones rearranged

blood ancesters

Blood Ancestor Altar – grandfather, grandmother, fan from my Dad’s funeral, genetic father, real Dad who raised me (mom still alive)

witch ancestor altar

Witch Ancestor Altar with pictures of Dame Sybil Leek, Lord Merlin aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee and Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue my teacher


Indian Spirits Altar above and below

Native spirits

It turned out that the German Runic work did not happen much there, that the place was going to be used for an even higher purpose. I do not know if it was where my head was or the spiritual vortex i had created but when i started working on the second floor and drew a magickal circle up there various “angelic” or praeterhuman beings started to impinge on my crown chakra and manifest. So i decided to go with the flow and take on the a series of rituals that would last almost a year, namely as i said above, The Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel using Solomonic and Thelemic Magickes. All of this will be in Part 2 of this post which i will hopefully be able to pen tomorrow.


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  1. The place is beautiful and I’m so glad you got it instead of the Christian!. I love the idea of being able to create a physical three dimensional space to meditate and work magic in… An Altar of total immersion so to speak…

  2. Wow. I’m amazed by how you work with ease and in depth with so many different traditions. I guess that comes from many years of practice?

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