Spring’s a springing in the Northeast Appalachians

Spring 2013 (1)

Oriental Maple and Ajuna

In the last few weeks Spring has really been a springing up here in the Northeastern Appalachians. The temps are in the 60s to 70 in the daytime and in the 40s at night. We have gotten some rain about every week but are still 3 inches short, so i have had to break out the water hoses early. The maples and tulip poplars are a beautiful light shade of green, and the beeches and oaks are just starting to unfurl their leaves. All the flowering trees are in full glory. Most of my perennials have come back and i have to be careful not to weed them out, so i am glad i labelled them last year with some bamboo stakes with their names marked with a wood burner. The purple ajuna ground covering is blossoming all over the yard (very invasive and i keep filling in places plants won’t grow under all the shade with them). May apples and ferns are popping up everywhere in the woods and where i transplanted them by the  house. The irises are up and soon will have stalks with beautiful purple flowers (can you tell purple and blue are my favorite flower colors? lol). The pussy willows have long past bloomed and the quince and other shrubs are starting to bloom now. In a  month the beautiful pink mountain laurel outside my window will be in its full glory.

Spring 2013 (3)

The view upstream

The birds that flocked to the feeders all winter have thinned out as they are busy with other tasks now, and i can hear them singing their calls for mates. A small bear has sneaked in at night and torn down the feeders, rolling them around for seed and digging in the seed pile, so the feeders are down for the summer. The kingfisher who has been nesting along this stream for years is noisily flying up and down the water. I have some moss placed by something in the lid of my propane tank where usually a Carolina wren will nest in May, but have not heard one yet. My cats are enjoying the outdoors and hanging out in the sunshine on the soft green grass and amongst the ferns.

Looking across the bridge

Looking across the bridge

The view across the bridge to the woods



3 thoughts on “Spring’s a springing in the Northeast Appalachians

  1. Oh Gods I miss the mountains. I want to cry looking at your photos but refuse to. They say never reveal your weaknesses but I’ll reveal what I please — I miss the mountains.

    • I am blessed for sure. I could never live in the flatlands like Florida or Kansas no matter what the weather. Love them mountains which feel like they protect me from the world of mankind.

  2. I wanna paddle in that stream! A lovely postcard from the mountains.

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