Witch Priest assimilated as a Borg for Beltane


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I usually do not get this personal on a blog post, and am not practicing to set up a FB page soon lol, but felt this needed to be shared with some of the blog followers i feel closest to. I am not looking for pity, just for prayers and blessings.

About 3 years ago i started developing the symptoms of various neuro-muscular dystonias which grouped together are called Meige’s syndrome. Without going into detail i had to leave my job, which i loved, and became disabled. I am able to take care of myself and do things around the house and drive short distances on cloudy days, as long as i hold my head up with my hand. Basically i went from being a fairly health guy who could climb the mountain behind the house to someone who sits on this fucking sofa all day blogging etc on the internet.

i started out having insurance and pursued various therapies from neurologist movement specialists to massage (helps some), acupuncture, various herbal remedies, botox injections, and various gaba and barbituate drugs etc etc. Eventually i lost my insurance and then finally was on SSD and on Medicare where i went back to the neurologist who referred me to one of the top neurosurgeons in the country for this at an excellent teaching and research medical center fairly nearby. They suggested a Deep Brain Stimulator like they use on Parkinson’s patients, and tomorrow on Beltane i will get the leads and a week later the generator.  I’m not wild about all of this, but it seems the only path before me. I trust my neurosurgeon and his skills. There is a 50-75% chance this will help with my symptoms in the next few weeks to months, so on to become a Borg, part man and part machine, lol.

I find it interesting that they scheduled a witch high priest for surgery on Beltane, which is also my oldest black Shadow Cat’s 13th birthday!

Here are some links to my condition:

Meige’s Syndrome


And some links to the device and its implant:

Deep Brain Stimulation

DBS for Dystonia

DBS Implant Surgery


DBS for Parkinsons (thank the gods i am not this bad)

My Neurosurgeon

I have a small but very supportive network of friends, my gf, and family who will help me though this as i recover, giving me rides to and fro and keeping my spirits up. I ask that all of you of various Wiccan, Pagan, Kemetic or whatever faiths light a candle in your mind for me that i come though this unscathed and benefit from this sophisticated procedure. Thank you and Blessed Be.


Hopefully she will be my nurse ;)

13 thoughts on “Witch Priest assimilated as a Borg for Beltane

  1. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers this Beltane.
    May Goddess bless you and watch over you and see you safely through your surgery.
    Blessed Be ,

    • ^^This. I hope everything works out well. And yes, I hope you get a fine nurse :)

  2. happy Beltane Lee, and for your knowledge i love transhumanism, i would implant my brains tomorrow an advanced computer if we would have the tech from the series Continuum…sending lots of love

  3. So glad you’ve come through the op well – hope it makes a big difference for you. x

    • I hope it works too, and the neurosurgeon who has been doing these for 15 years feels it will. I had a long comment in about the ordeal but then deleted it but it was a helluva ordeal, and i am the type of person that can take alot.

  4. After reading this, and seeing the latest post I’m glad to see you’re back and ok. I hope everything continues to go to plan. Blessings and best of luck.

  5. I’m sorry I missed this when you first posted it. I have not been very organised lately! Judging by your more recent posts and what you have said here you came through your “assimilation” quite well. Even so I will be lighting a candle in my mind for you and keeping you in my thoughts as you recover. Get well soon! (I’ll do my best to get 7 of 9 assigned as your personal nurse!)

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