A Full (moon) Service Affair


Photo by Bladup

I like this full moon ritual done by the blogger of Downtrodden – Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent where he was able to get out of his urban environment to the Kits Coty Cairn for a solitary and personal ritual. Enjoy.

Pilgrim's Way

This week’s full moon was a bit of an unknown.  I only had the one thing I really needed to do and that was to rededicate my horn cup which sprung a leak early last year and had just recently been repaired…other than that I was unsure where this would go, knowing only for sure there would be a compass and there would be a sacrament.

I packed my kit, nothing more at first than my cup, some bread, a bottle of mead and knife.  Something else however told me to pack my Runes.  ”Just in case…”

Out of the kitchen window the sun was starting to set, just caressing the top of the North Downs, the blue sky slowly giving way to the faintest hues of orange and pink.  It dawned on me it was to be one of those occasions where actually, the work had started long before…

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