Beltane Full Moon – a Witch’s sacred week of spring rites


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I am writing to wish all my fellow witches and pagans a Blessed Full Moon and an early Blessed Beltane next week. I often go by the lunar calendar for the cross quarter Sabats in between the solar Solstices and Equinoxes. Unfortunately the members of our small coven were not able to get together for ritual this year due to various schedule conflicts, including me getting a type of neurosurgery on Beltane itself (don’t worry, nothing life threatening going on, and will post on that closer to that date). Can you believe they would schedule a witch High Priest for surgery on Beltane? LOL. But i consider that an auspicious bit of timing for me for something i was not sure i was going to have done or not.

Usually we all go up to Lady Alsace’s for a lovely outdoor ritual in her marvelous English style garden (she was born and raised in Australia), but like i said not this year, so i will post some pics from previous rituals and some links to some blogs about upcoming Beltane which i am sure i will add to as more are published.

Mayday Lady Alsace (2)

Besoms around Lady Alsace’s outdoor altar

Mayday Lady Alsace (1)

Bread Goddess in flower wreath

Maypole of besoms (1)

If you don’t have a Maypole then tie some besoms together

Maypole of besoms (2)

Maypole at the local but now disbanded Mystic Maple

Here are links to a recent posting at The Arty Cats Witch blog on her Beltane plans with some tasteful erotic paintings (that are 18+ for viewing). And i found on The Domestic Witch blog (where i got the picture at the top of this post) her post from last year’s Beltane, which has some good information on this festival. And like i said i am sure i will be adding more links and look forward to Your posts.

4/26 Addendum – This was just posted today from Spiritblogger’s Blog and has lists on how May Day is celebrated in various countries.

And below are some other Beltane images i googled, most of which have no provenance listed. Enjoy!

Beltane Goddess

Beautiful May Queen – source unknown


Fae on Beltane Morn – Lance Oller 2004

beltane bw

Beltane Eve fun. Yeeehaaah! Source unknown

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    • She is somewhere in her 80s (don’t tell her i told you that, lol) and when the sun is out she works almost sunrise to sunset out there. To quote her when i once stupidly asked her age she said “Age is for Wine and Cheese”. She is one of the most unique and psychic people i have met in my life and an almost life long friend and High Priestess. It is truly lovely and has gateways built at the four directions a walk around her yard from mid May throughout the summer is a pleasure to the senses.

  1. She sounds amazing. I’m a nature lover – but I can’t garden to save my life – the altar looked so lovely! I get my nature buzz from hiking when ever I can (In fact I plan to do the Pagan version of the Camino Trail (Its a 500 mile Catholic pilgrimage in Spain, but has an earlier Pagan antecedant which ends not at the Cathederal but at the Ocean at Finistiere).

  2. lovely post. Thanks for adding my blog here too. I really love the last image in the post. Very potent feel.

  3. Happy Beltane to you too. Hope you do manage to have a lovely time before wednesday. And get well soon after your op

    • Thank you. I am frantically trying to get everything stocked up and cleaned up here. The recovery won’t be fun but hopefully this procedure, which i will post on later, maybe, will bring good results.

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