4,000 year old gold-adorned (female) skeleton found near Windsor – from Archeology News Network blog


Artist’s credit – Wessex Archaeology

The other day i found this interesting post at the Archeology New Network Blog, which i visit daily. The post is called 4,000 year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor and is a woman of great status based on the grave goods found buried with her. To quote from the post:

Archaeologist Gareth Chaffey of Wessex Archaeology, who is directing the ongoing excavation, said that the woman unearthed at the site “was probably an important person in her society, perhaps holding some standing which gave her access to prestigious, rare and exotic items. She could have been a leader, a person with power and authority, or possibly part of an elite family – perhaps a princess or queen.”

What i as a pagan and witch find interesting is that this burial is from the time of Stonehenge and how she was buried with a cup in her hands. Also interesting how men were buried with their heads pointed north and females with their heads pointed south. This is  why i love to follow archeology and anthropology sites because sometimes they give us a glimpse into the power of the Goddess in ancient times. Note i rotated the original picture for aesthetic reasons.