Uncanny UK – about the ghosts and more in Albion


Image from Uncanny UK

This site Uncanny UK is fun with lots of short stories about ghosts, fairies, witches and weird creatures in Britain. And here is their WordPress Blog. To quote from their site:

“The United Kingdom is renowned as the most haunted country on Earth. The British Isles are also rich in folklore regarding fairies, witches, giants, dragons and all manner of strange superstitions and customs.

But supernatural activity is as prevalent today in Britain as it has always been. Ghosts haunt our homes and highways, weird animals prowl our moors and fields, fairies are still to be glimpsed.

Uncanny UK is an online magazine devoted to the supernatural in Britain. Every week at least one new article will be uploaded, on British ghosts, fairies, witchcraft or alien animals.”

The blog and site are about various spooky phenomenon and do not go into depth on each story but do have references and links for further investigation, and there are lots of good links tab of the website too. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, looks interesting(-: By the way I’m trying out word press.com now to see if I can use it and like it better then blogger. I use to own a word press one but that went a bit dodgy at the time. Anyway you will be able to post easier already having a word press blog

    • I started out with WP and love it, though they did take away the carousel way of posting pictures like a slide show, i think. And its too hard to comment on Blogger blogs unless you want to do it as a Gooogle sign in. I think WP and Blogger hate each other, lol. BTW you look like a freckled Irish girl, lol.

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