“The Green Fire” – Celebrating the life of conservationist Aldo Leopold for Earth Day 2013


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Yesterday on a pubic broadcasting system TV documentary called “The Green Fire” I learned about the wonderful life of Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) who at first worked for the US Forestry department and went along with the system like everyone else of shooting wolves and other predators to protect sheep and cattle farmers. One day he shot a mother wolf and said in her dying eyes he saw a “green fire” that would haunt him for his life. He went on to write several books and become an environmentalist as he saw the rape of Nature by the progress of Man. You can read more at the Wiki link above, and here is a short quote from that article:

“Early on, Leopold was assigned to hunt and kill bears, wolves, and mountain lions in New Mexico. Local ranchers hated these predators because of livestock losses; however, Leopold came to respect the animals. He developed an ecological ethic that replaced the earlier wilderness ethic that stressed the need for human dominance. Rethinking the importance of predators in the balance of nature resulted in the return of bears and mountain lions to New Mexico wilderness areas.”

And here are some Excerpts from the Works of Aldo Leopold, and a short video below. I hope you all get to watch this documentary next time it airs at it is most appropriate for this Earth Day of 2013. We have much to thank for pioneering thinkers and actors whose work has slowed the destruction of the environment in the vast expanses of these United States, and whose ideas will hopefully spread worldwide.

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