I found this blog a couple months ago and then saw it referred to from another one yesterday. It is called Aleister Crowley 2012 or ac2012 for short. I found the blog to be informative and entertaining and especially this article on LAM I AM. Make sure you read their links to Top Ten Crowley Myths Busted by AC2012, and our Top Ten Myths about Aleister Crowley that are Actually True and a link in the comments to Misconceptions About Aleister Crowley, LAM, AIWASS and Alien Contact at the The Blasted Tower blog. Enjoy!

Aleister Crowley 2012

The drawing commonly referred to as “LAM” has been thought for decades to be a drawing of an entity Aleister Crowley contacted around 1918. Many people, beginning with Kenneth Grant, have pointed out that it has a similar appearance to the images of the so-called “Grey” aliens which started to crop up in popular culture in the 1960s. But is there any good reason to believe this?

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