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I found this wonderfully witchy blog called Witching WildWood the other day and this post on Witch bottles with various links to various archeology articles on the subject. I was pleased to find one link to An American Witch Bottle found in Pennsylvania since that is where I live. There is still plenty of PA Dutch Powwow going on northwest and southeast of me and i found it interesting there were six pins in this bottle and how they related it to the sacred number six which is used in Hex sign designs. Enjoy!

Witching WildWood

Oh witch bottles, interesting to make and probably even more interesting to find!

Here are some links to archeology witch bottle finds for your pleasure…

The U.K.:It apparently took some seriously bad mojo to go up against 17th-century witches. According to the Sept.-Oct. Archaeology magazine, U.K. researchers opened and analyzed the contents of a rare intact “witch bottle,” which was buried to ward off spells. Inside were “bent pins, a nail-pierced heart made of leather, fingernail clippings, belly-button lint, and hair, all swimming in a bath of 300-year-old, nicotine-tinged urine.”

And Pennsylvania: Here
Greenwich London: Here
Here are some protective plants to use in charms or what have you from the older book, Mastering Witchcraft A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks and Covens by Paul Huson:
Holda (Elderberry- flowers or berries gathered at midsummer)
Madwort (alyssum), Marjoram
Dragon Herb (tarragon), Angelica, Fennel
Bay Laurel, Asafetida Grass, Holy Thistle Herb, Bishop’s…

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