BPOTD2 – “Downstrodden – Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent”


Image by Matt Baldwin-Ives www.milescross.co.uk

My BPOTD2 (blog pick of the day 2) is Downtrodden – Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent (England). More and more i keep finding these excellent blogs from various parts of the British Isles, and here is another one. They seem to follow in some ways the path of Robert Cochrane.

I think so far my favourite posts are on the Implements of the Arte, and parts 1 – 6 are linked here below:

Implements of Arte Part I – The Stang

Implements of Art2 Part II – The Cup

Implements of Arte Part III – The Blade

Implements of Arte Part IV – The Stone

Implements of Arte Part V – The Cloak

Implements of Arte Part VI – The Cord

I think you will find a lot of good information about these implements of the magickal arts and on how they are made according to their tradition, and enjoy the other very down to earth posts also. Enjoy and Blessed Be!

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the recommendation, although I should probably point out I’m not from or in the West Country… I actually I’ve in the south east of England :-) Thanks again!

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