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Image by John Halstead

My BPOTD (blog pick of the day) is The Allergic Pagan. I am thoroughly enjoying the posts of this intelligent and erudite write who approaches a lot of controversial subjects in modern Pagan/Wiccan beliefs, including whether a pagan can honor Jesus as a god within his/her pantheon. His posts contain many links and resources to back up his beliefs. He defines himself in one post as a “Jungian Pagan” and i can appreciate that viewpoint and would be happy to label myself the same at most times. I really like how he defines the various kinds of paganism as in his illustration above, which will be explained in the first link below.

Here is his profile:

“About John Halstead

I am former Mormon, turned Jungian Neopagan. My interests include ritual as an art form, theopoetics, eco-psychology, the Jungian heilsweg (“sacred way”), and palingenesis (death as an act of creation)”

Here are some of my favorite posts so far:

The Three (or more?) “Centers” of Paganism

Meso-Wicca and Neo-Paganism

“Waiter! There’s some Christianity in my Pagan soup!”

And you can go to the bottom of his blog for an archive of his writings categorized by subject. Enjoy!

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