Who/What is The Devil?

I like Cassie’s balanced view of who/what “the Devil” or “Satan” is in her magickal practices. I myself view him also as just another aspect of the Horned God, though a little more raw and horny. I think of him as the Rebel as in his role as Lucifer who was a Watcher that taught humans how to gain knowledge and not just be sheep in Jehovah’s barnyard. And i like his Vodoun form as Exu/Eshu who is the redder form of the blacker Ghede or grey form of Legba. I enjoy her writings, and her other blog is at Cassie being Cassie. Enjoy!

Devil's Advocates

Sometimes it is nice to have a writing prompt. Tilda at Swift Expressions frequently publishes such prompts within her own blog, and in that context she recently asked; ” What are your views on the Devil? Is he real, and why do you believe that? And if you do believe that the Devil exists, what do you think he (or she) looks like? Tilda then came over here and specifically asked for my input. She is a prolific blogger and has a keen and open mind. She has asked me questions about my beliefs before and I believe she is prompted by genuine and honest curiosity. It is therefore a pleasure to answer this question and it is possibly one of the few responses she will get from an actual Satanist.

What are your views on the Devil?

Simple question; long and complicated answer! The name or title of Devil is so…

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4 thoughts on “Who/What is The Devil?

  1. Thanks for the reblog- interesting viewpoint and article. As a hard polytheist I personally tend to see deities within separate religions as separate entities and personally cannot make the connection between Satan and male pagan earth and fertility deities. But as I noted on Cassie’s blog Satan and I have never met (as far as I know…) so I’m not any position to make judgements.

    • Uh oh, I’ve been blogging with Cassie too much, so now Lorna thinks i am a Satanist, lol. Just kidding to both of you. I guess i am more of a Buddhist Jungian soft polytheist who thinks we can project whatever egregore that works for us upon the ineffable faces of Divinity.

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