Recommended Blog – “Land of the Fae”

Two Mermaids

Image source unknown

I found this blog today called Land of the Fae which i think all of you earthy pagans and witches will enjoy. It is written by a man named Aurvandil who has traveled the British Isles and other places in the world documenting his exploration mostly of sacred wells and sites in England, Wales and Ireland (although his most recent post is from places sacred to Sobek in Egypt).

He is not going to the big places like Glastonbury (although i have not gotten through the whole blog yet) but the little out of the way mostly forgotten sacred places. He photographs the whole trip and his eye for it is great. He approaches each place in an almost shamanic way, with his crystals and crystal wand and offerings, but he is not new agey in all of this. I think you will enjoy his blog, which does not seem to be updated often, but i guess he is traveling!

You Brits are blessed to have these old sacred spots still hidden away, and i am sure civilization would rather ignore them and pave them over. I remember a nurse i used to work with who was from England and her saying “We have field hedges older than your country”, which puts it all in perspective.

The picture above is not from his site but his stories on the sacred wells reminded me of mermaids and naginis. The other pics had not provenance listed, and i did not want to use his own photos without his permission.

Oh and check out the other blogs he follows at his Gravatar name above as they look of interest also.

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Image from his blog source unknown