North Carolina Witches – Hide your Pentagrams and Put on your Crosses?


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Today I saw this post at the CNN Belief blog entitled North Carolina Getting a State Religion? No. To quote from the article by Eric Marrapodi and John Blake at CNN:

“Two Republican representatives in North Carolina filed a resolution Monday that would permit the state to declare Christianity its official religion and reject any federal laws or court rulings regarding how the state addresses the establishment of religion.”

But luckily the resolution is already dead in the water and will most likely never make it to committee or the NC Congress because we have this thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that legislates the Separation of Church and State. But as those of us who live here know the reality on the street level does not always match the letter of the law. After all, the churches and other recognized religions still do not have to pay property or school taxes yet on the vast properties they own.

Now I am not dissing the fine people of North Carolina. In fact besides all the witches i know in my state i know more witches in NC than anywhere else. So keep fighting for our rights to follow whatever religion we choose, and against those who after 200+ years still think this is a Christian Nation. Despite the title of this blog i think my friends down there can keep their pentagrams on, though sometimes under their shirt, and won’t have to dig out that cross from their catechism in the bottom of their jewelry boxes.

2 thoughts on “North Carolina Witches – Hide your Pentagrams and Put on your Crosses?

  1. When this story first broke, I went a little batty. But I know that the First Amendment will always have my back. Of course, I also know to only brandish my Pentacle in the more forward-thinking areas. I am also raising my daughter Pagan, but I am going to keep certain words out of her vocabulary until she is mature enough to understand where and when she can discuss them safely.

    • Wise moves for sure. I have a witch friend/student on the panhandle of Florida and it is so conservative there that if you put out Halloween decorations the people from the local Baptist church will ask you to take it down because it celebrates a pagan holiday, no exaggeration here.

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