Recommended – “Spells of Life” Tumblr page


From the Spells of Life Tumblr page

Here’s a great Tumblr page called Spells of Life or Feiticos da Vida in Spanish, since she is from Spain. It is full of black and white grey scale pictures of witchcraft and gothic (mostly Victorian) images and has a very few mildly erotic images, so it  is safe for all to peruse. If you try to go to a pic from the link above you have to sign in to Tumblr (i need to make an account there yet), but if you go to her Archives page which is called her History you can open up the individual pictures better and find where the sources of where they Tumbled from. I tried to contact her but since i do not have an account could not message her because the message would not accept links or email addys. Enjoy!


From the Spells of Life Tumblr page

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