Stonehenge Rediscovered – Astro-Archeology not New Age Interpretation

I know what you are thinking – “Oh boy, another video on Stonehenge, zzzzzzzz.” But this is not another kookie “the aliens did it etc” video. To quote from YT below:

“Not a new age video sorry, no conspiracy shit here just an objective view of Stonehenge through the eyes of Barry Cuncliffe of the university of Oxford and Social anthropologist Lionel Sims.”

The video runs about 90 minutes and is excellently filmed and is not just about Stonehenge but about other megalithic sites in Britain and Europe, and they go into the female and male, lunar and solar sides of culture and possible religion in Megalithic and Bronze Age times, which i found to be of interest. Enjoy!

BTW i cleaned up this blog a bit because i was reaching my megabyte limit for a free blog by deleting about 100 mostly music videos (many of which were now dead links at YT). And i reduced the pages to 5 posts only and took off the eternal scrolling function so it should load faster.