Blasphemy Week Part II – Jesus is Dead for 2 days so Party On!


Since it is Good Friday i will continue with Part 2 of my Blasphemy Week, Part 1 being at Blasphemy Week Part 1 – How Christians should “witness” to Witches to convert them, etc. As i wrote previously i have no problem with Jesus or good Christians, just with the history of that religion, so i am just poking some fun, so please no one be offended. My twisted sense of humor could do this with any established religions, even my own, because if God/ess cannot laugh at themselves then they need to come down from Mount Olympus and maybe take a walk in the hell that this earth, or at least this civilization, is.

So, Jesus is dead for the next 2 days, and according to Catholicism is in purgatory/hell preaching the gospel to the cave men, Zoroastrians, Sumerians, American Indians, Mayans, Hindus, Buddhists, and basically everyone born B.C. to save them. I wonder if he had a business lunch with Lucifer himself?

So what’s a Witch (with a little bit of Baphomet in him) to do this weekend? Well being a vegetarian i will skip the ham dinner on Sunday. So here are some of my party plans:

I can act like Lady Sylvia in

Lair of the White Worm (a must see film)

Snake poison Cross

But “What would Satan do?”

satan seated

I guess i could start with a nice glass of Absinthe


Or I could cut this out and play Dress Up BDSM Jesus


Its a nice day so maybe a walk in the church graveyard?

nun priest graveyard

Well everyone have a nice long weekend, of whatever religious persuasion you are, and i promise to go back to being a “good witch” soon. Enjoy! ;)


Picture credits from various Tumblr and other websites so please let me know if they are yours so i can credit you.

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  1. I’m not sure which of those ideas to try first! Maybe a glass of absinthe while watching Lair Of The White Worm to get me in the right mood… Love that film!

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