Blasphemy Week Part 1 – How Christians should “witness” to Witches to convert them, etc.


Welcome to “Blasphemy Week” at the BSSS blog, my reaction to the Christian “Holy Week”. As I have written before I have no personal problem with Jesus or Mary as archetypal gods, or even with Jesus original teachings, if some of them were really what he said. My problem has been with Paul, Peter and the entire patriarchal “religion of the book” that followed. Need i go into the violent murderous misogynous pedophile history of the church through the centuries, especially in torturing and killing off any heretic or witch they could find? So this time of year especially brings out the worst in me, or is the Devil making me do ii, or is it Aleister Crowley with his toad crucifixion celebration? No witch i have ever met, nor would ever meet, would sacrifice a living creature, and yet Jehovah had to have a human sacrifice after all the lambs ran out.

Well the witch hunt continues in this website i found called True Light Educational Ministry and their article on how Christians should witness to us witches to convert us in What about WICCA or Witchcraft? Make sure you look up all these verses they are going to quote to you if they show up at your door. And if you are not convinced that you as a witch are worshiping Satan and going to hell, well they can always go back to the old ways that Did work, as illustrated from the old woodcuts from the Inquisition at the top and bottom of this post.

Another fun site is Jesus Never Existed which is a tirade of the abuses of the Christian church, especially on their page entitled 1000 years of Carnage & Barbarity in the name of Christ.

And remember kids – only 2 more days and Jesus will be tortured and crucified dead and in hell for 2 days and we can sin all we want! I know on Good Friday in the Catholic church they extinguish a candle to commemorate this, so then do We sneak in at night and light a black candle?

I hope this post does not offend the more light witches i value as much as the gritty edge ones i have followed and who follow me. I believe in “live and let live” and this is all written in both seriousness and fun. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Blasphemy Week Part 1 – How Christians should “witness” to Witches to convert them, etc.

  1. Hard to see the world move on and so many people stuck in ancient ideas… I’ve personally lived through this having my aunt stop talking to me and my mother (she is actually a christian as well, but go figure) because since I loved Harry Potter, I OBVIOUSLY worship the devil. Let’s just hope she never stumbles into my Cernunos altar hee ;P I’ll do as usual and focus on chocolate this week :) Blessings and Light

  2. LOL I visited TLEM… Having serious doubts about my path now… Is it too late to become a Nun? (insert sarcasm smilie).

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