“Donnie Darko” – one of the Strangest videos ever


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Last night i watched for the third time in a few years the strange 2001 movie Donnie Darko. It flopped at the theaters then later became a cult classic on DVD.  All i can say is that it is strange and disturbing at times. When you first start watching it you may think it silly, but it gets deadly serious as the convoluted plot moves onwards. Why is it convoluted? Because it is ultimately about time travel and in some ways the film starts at the end then goes back to the beginning to an end again. It is not available on YT but can be downloaded from Amazon or Hulu.com if you have the Plus package with them. I am not sure why it is R rated except for some language at time and little violence. You can read the Wiki link on Donnie Darko but that may confuse you even more if you have not seen the film. Below is a trailer though. Enjoy, but remember, you may never view the Easter bunny quite the same again, lol.

4 thoughts on ““Donnie Darko” – one of the Strangest videos ever

    • I’m glad someone else has seen it and appreciated it, though i still find it disturbing because of the fine line between madness and epiphany and being outside the time line. I did not realize until the second viewing that his causing the engine to fall actually saved his mom and sister from the plane wrecking. i love the sweet revenge on that motivational speaker perv too.

  1. It’s a brilliant film and there used to be a site online that I can’t seem to find now that showed some bits of the old lady’s book and extra information in general. It was kind of cryptic and hard to navigate, as some sort of challenge. It was also very enjoyable. WIll keep researching to see if I can find it…

    • I think i read that was in the director’s cut, and it seems the only way to see the movie if it is not on TV is to buy the DVD or download it. I guess a myth has grown up around the book, like Lovecraft’s books, but it is not really a book someone wrote.

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