Conjure One & Azam Ali – “Nargis” – YT video

I want to thank Karmapolice for posting this video by Azam Ali who is originally from Persia/Iran and presently living in Canada. Her music is hauntingly beautiful. To quote from the Wiki site:

“After receiving formal training in the Western classical vocal repertoire as well as early music, Azam extended her education into Indian, Persian and Eastern European singing techniques. But what would always remain at the center of Azam’s unique vocal style and compositions are the melodies which she grew up with in Iran and India. Through singing and music, Azam’s main objective is to explore the immense potentiality of the human voice, specifically its capability to transcend language, cultural, and spiritual barriers when expressing pure emotion. Although her natural inclination is towards the music in her heritage, Azam believes that honesty in one’s expression has the capability to communicate something universal about the human experience, regardless of the listener’s cultural origin.”

And if you like her music here is her Website and here are several YT Playlists to explore. Enjoy!