Babalon Lion

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This blog is reblogging an article that is very good and is on the Tantrick technique of using various sexual fluids for alchemical, magickal and other spiritual practices of empowerment and enlightenment. The original blog is Journeying to the Goddess and their original source blog is The Goddess of Sacred Sex, which has a lot of articles on Tantra. So go to the first site and then from there to the longer article at the second site.

I have worked with sexual fluids in the past both as simple condensers for talismans in Solomonic rituals, and in inner alchemical work in Eastern Tantrick rituals. And in the OTO’s Gnostic Mass the “cakes of light” used in the sacrament contains these fluids representing Babalon. The Great Secret, which Kenneth Grant wrote a lot about, is that is the male can invoke the God and the female the Goddess then they can program the fluids of their endocrine glands to produce Amrita or the alchemical Gold of the Lion and the Eagle. And this technique can be used by the Priestess and Priest in Witchcraft also.

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