“The Faerie Queen” Elizabeth’s Magicians – John Dee and Edward Kelly


I want to thank TG at the Karmapolice blog for this video which she shared about John Dee and Edward Kelly. As you know they were magickians and alchemists and produced the Enochian system of magicke. I have never practiced this system as it seems one where the intense dedication without distraction would be required for years. But in my opinion it is a system of magicke that Is from some higher intelligence and magickians to this day still try to understand and practice it, but i think it may just be an UPG of he two of them at that time and place. But it is verified by the writings that have survived and their one skrying crystal still in the British Museum.

So did they communicate with Christian or Kabbalistic angels, whether high or low, or with Aliens, or with Archons, or with demons? I prefer Crowley’s term of Praeterhuman intelligences, like LAM. And if my memory serves me well Aleister Crowley claimed that he was Edward Kelly in a previous life. I am surprised they do not mention their contact with Babylon/Babalon near the end of their exploits into the occult, which definitely brings this system of magicke into the Thelemic lineage.

4 thoughts on ““The Faerie Queen” Elizabeth’s Magicians – John Dee and Edward Kelly

  1. Wow, such a dramatic life… I don’t think I would ever let myself get as carried away as that. Too knowledge hungry for my taste. Super interesting, nonetheless! Thank you so much for sharing! )0(

  2. Very interesting. Like you I find the Enochian system and it’s origins fascinating but I don’t think I’d ever have enough time or patience to practice it. Some of our magic and symbolism is connected though…

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