769th Anniversary – Burning of the last Cathars at Montsegur 16 March 1244


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Today March 16th is the anniversary of the horrid burning of the (supposed) last of the Cathars in 1244 after the 20 year Albigensian Catholic crusade against them, ending in the fall of the fortress of Montsegur in SE France. The Cathars were a “heretical” sect of Christianity that probably had ties with an ancient form of duality Gnosticism that survived up through the centuries.I will just let you read the Wiki links above to educate yourself further.

Note that these last few hundred captured Cathars did not need to be tied to stakes to be burned, but voluntarily walked into the flames. That is belief in one’s faith demonstrated in a way i cannot even imaging. It is also interesting to me that according to Sybil Leek, our Coven’s grandmother, our origins are originally from this area of France before being transported into England and then North America.


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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    • Yes, as Gnostics they knew more than the Catholic church, and were much holier in life style too. And remember that this is the coast of France where Jesus and Mary Magdalene are supposed to have landed and had their child Sarah, the Sang-Real. Monday i will do a post on the anniversary of the execution of Jacques de Molay.

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