Apophis Asteroid as bad as its Egyptian God namesake? Stay Tuned

I know there has been a lot of buzz going back and for about whether a large asteroid named Apophis, which is Greek for its Egyptian counterpart Apep, will graze the Earth’s atmosphere close enough in 2029 to nudge its path such that it will really impact us on its next pass in 2036 or whether it will be a near miss. It is does hit I will be 84 years old and if still alive plan on sitting out on my lawn chair with a glass of Absinthe, a bottle of Viagra and as many call girls I can max out my credit card for, LOL.

Here is a CNN report from late January called Don’t count ‘doomsday asteroid’ out yet. I searched a lot on the www for info and weeding out the 90% doomsday kooks it seems NASA is not too worried, but the data is still out until that collected after the 2029 fly by is analyzed to see if it Will be the end of the world on Friday the 13th April 2036. (Note Wiki says Friday the 13th for the 2029 and NASA says that day for the 2036 encounter). Stay tuned…….