Featuring – “Faun” – a German Medieval Pagan Folk band

There was a post on The Life and Times of a Forever Witch blog this morning featuring a video by the German pagan folk band called Faun, after the Roman God Faun of course. You can hit her link above for the song she showcased called Karuna. Here is the link to the Faun website which has a start page that has a lot of their songs on it to listen to. To quote from the Wiki link above:

Faun is a German band formed in 2002 who play pagan folk, darkwave and medieval music. The originality of their music style is that they fall back to “old” instruments, and the singing is always the center of attention. The vocals are performed in a variety of languages, including German, Latin, Greek and Scandinavian languages. Their instruments include Celtic harp, Swedish nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, cittern, flutes and many others.”

And here is another video i liked a lot too. Enjoy!