Melittabenu is a devotee of Hades and Persephone, as much as The House of Vines is of Dionysus and others of the Kemetic faith are to their Egyptian deities. There are definitely many opinions here about Just What Are the Gods and how do we relate to them. I encourage you to follow all the links on this page and especially the one to thelettuceman’s post onĀ Romanticism of Paganism: Diluted Wrath, TruncatedĀ Emotion which is more from a pagan slant. I personally am more attracted to the Celtic gods than to those of faiths from the Orphic faiths, though i know a lot of our Witchcraft faith comes from Egypt up through Hermeticism etc, and my “Witch father” was a Greek and Latin classicist. I am learning a lot from these blogs. Enjoy!