Featuring – “Mythical Lancashire – The Bardic Poetry Pages of Lorna Smithers”


Image from Lorna Smither’s blog

I found this wonderful blog called Mythical Lancashire – The Bardic Poetry Pages of Lorna Smithers which is full of some beautiful and evocative poetry (use the drop down menus at the top for all of them) about the land near where she lives in Penwortham, near Preston in Lancashire, England. To quote from her About page:

“I live in Penwortham, near Preston in Lancashire. My study of Western European literature and philosophy, experiences at festivals and adventures in the countryside led me to the Bardic Tradition of Druidry.

Winning the Preston Guild Poetry Competition in September 2012 with ‘Proud of Preston,’ a poem inspired by Belisama the goddess of the river Ribble, and my acceptance as a Bard within the Oak and Feather Grove confirmed my vocation. Another event which has shaped my life is my initiation into the Celtic Otherworld by Gwyn ap Nudd, the King of Faery.

I write to honour this land, my gods and my communities. These pages form a record of my journey.”

I liked a lot of her poems, but especially the one entitled Llywarch’s Winter which i think any witch or pagan would enjoy.

And i was Googling for some images of Penwortham and found The Archaeology of Penwortham: A Talk by David Hunt which is attributed to another blog of hers. It gives you a sense of how old the area is, and some of her poetry gives you the sense of how much is being destroyed by development. Enjoy!


Image from Flickr