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Can you be both a Buddhist and a Witch/Pagan? I am, and combine even more into what works for me. With Tibetan Buddhism, Shaivism and even Kaballah I get the high theological (or non-theo) philosophy that I need. With Witchcraft and Paganism I feel in contact with the the various Goddesses, Gods, Angels and Elementals on the astral planes of Yesod and the earthly planes of Malkuth. Tibetan Buddhism especially incorporates various practices of Himalayan shamanism, which is another way to say paganism in my opinion. For me they all fit together like my two hands in prayer, or in holding a shovel.

This website called Pagan Dharma helps to bridge that gap in philosophy and practice. I would suggest you start with this first article called Not “Should” but “How”: What do we do? and then go on to the other articles he has written. To quote from James Foster in the latter article:

“First, some self-disclosure.

I’m a priest and teacher in a Korean Son Buddhist lineage. In fact, I received authorization as a Son-sa (Zen Master) in this lineage almost exactly one year ago (December, 2011). I’ve been a “practicing Buddhist” for about 25 years, with some of those years even spent as a monk in a Tibetan Buddhist lineage. I founded the first non-denominational Mahayana distributed learning-based seminary (the Prajna Institute for Buddhist Studies), and along with being its president, I am also a core faculty member. In my “other” academic life, I’m a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology, and expect to have that completed (all praise to the pre-doc internship gods) next year-ish.

I mention all this not as some sort of boast, but to give context. So that as we progress in this conversation (which is my hope for what this becomes), you know that I’m not some guy who’s read 20 or so books from Barnes & Noble and talks a good game online.

I’m also a pagan. Well, “heathen” to be precise. I’m a member of the Troth and Ár nDraíocht Féin / ADF, and my personal “hearth culture” is Anglo-Saxon.

This brings me to my main point of this (brief) post – I don’t know how much value there is in making the “should there be a pagan dharma” or “should there be Pagan Buddhists” argument. I think those could be interesting posts, certainly, but the reality is, there already are “Pagan Buddhists” and “Buddhist Pagans” and a “Pagan Dharma” is already taking shape in their lives.”

Gassho, and Blessed Be!

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