The Viking Sunstone used in Ancient Navigation – some good links


Image from Wikimedia Commons

I first saw at The Biblebelt Witch blog this post called Truth in Mythology in which she mentions the fabled Viking Sunstone navigation tool within the context of the point which she is making which is, to quote her: “First, why do people widely dispute Norse (among many other) mythology yet hold Abrahamic mythology to be true.”

In her post she has a link to a Wikipedia article on the Sunstone, and i followed two links there and found one on Sunstone – Medieval (and the picture above) and this excellent website by a real gemologist and world traveler who wrote about The Fabled Viking Sunstone, which also has some good links.

Now the fact is that i am what is called in America a “rock hound” and have spent my whole life picking up interesting pieces of rocks and fossils and buying some specimens here and there and gifting and being gifted by more stone and gemstone gifts than i can count or remember. I used to have a piece of Icelandic spar calcite, but gave it away to someone, but recently a good friend gave me a Large piece of translucent calcite that was gifted to her from an old co-worker who used to be a miner out west and he had found it and had it on his shelf for years. So i found this whole subject to be of great interest, and I may just have to try this technique of finding the sun on a cloudy day using the technique described in these articles. And we All know the Vikings discovered what is now called North America! Enjoy.

In Search Of The Great Beast 666 – a Reenactment of his Autohagiography


There is a lot out there on the infamous Aleister Crowley, and a lot of videos on YT that are basically narratives with pictures in the background, but this one is different. This is a more of a telling of his story with actors reading lines from his 984 page autohagiography The Confessions of Aleister Crowley which at this link is the complete book online, or you can purchase a used copy from Amazon or other dealers. I slogged though its rambling account years ago. My personal opinion of him, and it may be from his almost Puritan upbringing and the later drug addictions, is that as a Man he was a sadistic masochistic bastard vampire, but as a Magickian he was the greatest one of the last two centuries. I think this Magickian had No Fear and Big Balls, which can be good and bad of course. Part of me is a Thelemite and in the OTO, and i have done many of his rituals to great advantage, though they are tricky and powerful to handle, and i can attest to the beauty and power of his poetic Invocations and Evocations when properly vibrated.

Back to this video – What is totally different about this two hour long video from any others i have seen is that actors and actresses are playing the parts of Crowley and others and speaking words from his and their biographies or writings. There are also real audio recordings of AC doing ritual, and they visit Cefalu and other important locations in his life. It must have been nice back at the turn of the century to have enough of an inheritance to be able to basically go anywhere in the world with whomever you want and to live so comfortably, until it is all wasted away. Since much is from his above mentioned autohagiography you have to take it with a Big grain of salt because AC was quite a trickster and story teller and there are some strange conclusions the makers of the video make near the end. Either way, i recommend it as well researched, filmed and acted, and a pleasure to watch. Enjoy. 93