How to Make your own High Priest Witch’s Horned Crown

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COC 1985-86

Lady Alsace and Shawnus back in the day circa 1985

I started my initiations into the Coven of the Catta in 1981. I took a hiatus for various reasons between my second and third degrees, mostly because I got into Thelema and thought Witchcraft was an “Old Aeonic” system. I used to have a High Priest’s horned crown made out of a strip of black leather and a forked piece of wood. But as a magickal act I buried it in a tree that had a big hole at its base to return it to nature. I am sure those of you with some years in coven witchcraft have been through the same thing where you just want to say “F**k it” and move on. Running a coven is a PIA, and simultaneously the most fulfilling thing you will ever do as an initiated High Priestess or High Priest. Then I went back to my teacher and completed my third degree and have been its High Priest ever since.

I have never had a horned crown since then, even though at the beginning of our rituals the HPT and HPS crown each other. My elder High Priestess has always had her crescent moon crown for decades. And now that there is a newer third degree High Priestess i also do ritual with I felt it was time to make that Ole Horned Crown again.

High Priest Horned Crown (2)

Items to start out with (poor out of focus picture)

So when my Dad passed last year and we were cleaning out his garage i found a bunch of “button buck” horns, which i had on the altar. I also had a goth belt with metal rimmed holes that went the whole length of it that i did not use much. So I started this project, which was fairly simple.

High Priest Horned Crown (3)

Drilling the antler holes

First i belted the belt around my head and cut off the extra length. Then i picked out two small antlers that were about the same size, but also added another stang shaped antler. Then i carefully padded them and held them in the vice and drilled holes in them the same width as the holes in the belt. After that I just used some heavy gauge hemp twine and a large needle and sewed them into place. Where i knotted the hemp in the back i added a drop of superglue, but since that hurts my skin i guess i will have to cover it with some good ole duct tape, lol. Witches make due!

And here is the final product. Hail Pan Faunus!

High Priest Horned Crown (4)

High Priest Horned Crown (5)

Blessed Be. Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3*

COC All Hallows 2013 (2)

Finally got to wear it at our All Hallows 2013 Ritual

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  1. Thank you. I have a horned mask, but have never used it ritually (being a thing admired for its beauty rather than its usefulness). I do, however, have an entire box of antlers at the cabin from deer taken by family for food. I hadn’t thought at all of using them to reconnect with the Horned Lord, since we have a tenuous relationship at best. Maybe its time…

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