Reblog from The Wild Hunt – Human Bones Found in Altar Bought on eBay


Photo from NBC Channel 4 News Southern California

I always love when The Wild Hunt does their weekly post called Unleash the Hounds where they summarize the past week with lots of links of news of interest. I especially liked the one to the NBC Channel 4 Southern California story on Human Bones Found in Altar Bought on eBay (story and video) about the local police stumbling on a Palo Mayombe altar in a back yard that had animal and human bones on it, and of course they confiscated the human bones as being suspicious. Turns out they were bought on eBay where there are many to be found and bought legally. To quote from The Wild Hunt post:

Legally obtained human bones are confiscated by police and held, despite there being no suspicion of a crime being perpetrated. Pasadena Police Lt. Ed Calatayud says that “the religious aspect of the case is not our focus–it’s the bones,” which I’m sure is a great comfort to the family whose altar has been destroyed. I’m hoping civil liberties lawyers are breaking down the doors to take this case. I’m hoping to have more on this issue soon.”

You know i have always been a little paranoid about having three Tibetan kapalas and one kangling, just wondering what the police would think if they came in here for some unknown reason and saw them. Fact is they were all legally imported from Nepal back in the 1970s before the laws changed. As a member of the ACLU i know what i would do too since i use them to worship Mahakala and Mahakali and practice Chod. I can only hope these people will be allowed to practice their religion in freedom and peace and have their altar pieces returned, whether i agree with their practices or not.


Photo from NBC Channel 4 News Southern California