Featuring – The Art of Valerie Herron

Circumradiant Dawn

“Circumradiant Dawn” copyright by Valerie Herron

You know that Horned God painting that appears on the top of The Wild Hunt blog? Well i have always admired it and on a Google image search i found the whole painting and used it at the top of one of my previous posts but not knowing to whom to attribute it to. Here the other day a friend of hers let me know that it is the work of Valerie Herron
here is an About from her one site:

“Valerie Herron is an illustrator, conceptual designer, and fine artist. She works with the visual language of symbolism, gleaning from the vocabulary of mythology and the human condition, modern esoterica, and the wordless understanding within the subconscious. Valerie’s work is intensely colorful and macabre, an exercise in storytelling through poignant imagery.

Valerie works in a wide range of media, including water color, ink, acrylics, and digital. She continues to venture into
third-dimensional work through the occasional transition of painting to artifact.

Valerie is pursuing a degree in Illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she is currently working on senior thesis work. She is also an intern for Faerieworlds LLC, and works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. Valerie also spends her time writing, filming & editing video art, and designing costumes.”

So knowing this i then went back and gave that painting the proper link. And i explored her web sites and really enjoy her works. I wrote her and got permission to post the one above (yes i love naginis and mermaids) which she watermarked to keep it from being stolen and used by others without attribution. Her blog is Orator Sapientiæ, and here is her Gallery page and Tumblr page. So enjoy the works of this wonderful artist, and as i do as much as possible always ask permission to re-post someone’s art! I do the best i can, but if and when i ever post something you painted or photographed please always let me know and i will make amends immediately, and i hope the whole blogger community lives by the same standards.