Exorcize your clothes bought at Good Will – according to Pat Robertson


Snapshot from the Colbert Report

I was watching the Colbert Report on Comedy Central the other night and he had a monologue in which it seems that evangelist Pat Robertson warned that demons may attach themselves to physical objects like used clothing bought at the Good Will or other thrift shops, and that Christians should be aware and take the proper steps.

Here is a link to the Colbert Report called Colbert mocks Pat Robertson for report on ‘demonic’ used clothing including the video courtesy of the LA Times.

And here is a link to the original video Pat Robertson: Goodwill Sweaters Could Have Demons, No Harm In Praying Over Them and some other great videos he has made courtesy the Huffington Post.

Now I buy a LOT of clothes from my local Good Will, so maybe i will start laying the family Bible on them for awhile before wearing them, and a quick banishing with my athame might be good too, lol. Enjoy!


Image from Tumblr