Reblog – “The Way of the Serpent” from The Black Stone Hermitage blog


Mahavira and Naga


Serpent Priestess

Yesterday I found this blog called The Black Stone Hermitage –  A Dark Pagan Sanctuary and Temple Space which has a page called The Way of the Serpent which this quote about its content:

“The vision:  a place for Serpent worship and study of the esoteric serpentine mysteries in their many forms. What follows is a hodgepodge collection of quotations, links, photos, and other resources I have compiled on serpent wisdom, which is an element of the Black Stone Hermitage vision.  This page is also a tribute to my Serpent Muse.”

Since Naga puja is part of my Tibetan Buddhist and Shaivite practice I have enjoyed these quotes and pictures a lot, so link to it above. She also has a lot of good links and one particular one I liked called Snake worship – Naga cult in Tamil Nadu, India which has a lot of great naga pictures in it.


Nagini with Red Vermilion

I have also interspersed through my post some of my favorite naga/serpent pictures (hard to pick out of all i have) and at the end two crude drawings i did years ago. Enjoy.

Newt Nagini

Newt Nagini © 2013 GLHoke

Vetali Nagini

Vetali Nagini © 2013 GLHoke

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed the quotes and links on serpent worship that I put together for my Way of the Serpent page. Eventually I plan to expand it with some more of my own writings. I like your photos a lot, too! Just one correction: I am female, so the correct pronoun to use is “she.” Thanks. :)

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