Witchcraft Temple 360*

I am blessed to have two small extra bedrooms in which I have been able to arrange in one room a temple as a Temple for Witchcraft and Vodoun, and in the other a Temple for Buddhism, Shaivism and Naga puja.

If you want to clear your floor space for single or group rituals I always say to build upwards. Years ago i had those pre-fab bookcases you buy  and put together yourself, so when i first moved in here i tore those apart and used the long vertical pieces for wall shelving and the shorter horizontal shelves to screw onto my window sills to make them larger. I also have metal tables I can drag to the center of the temple if i need more altar space for rituals requiring more tools, like a place to put a cauldron or two and still elevate it for practical use.

A couple months ago I separated and rearranged temple and altar statues and tools into these separate rooms and this is the result for the Witchcraft Temple with pictures displayed going deosil. Unfortunately on this new pc i do not have the better photo editing software i used to have since Freeware has not caught up with Windows 8, so this is the best i could edit them. Note all photos copyright 2013 GLHoke. Enjoy!

Shawnus Witch Vodoun Altars (5)

Baphomet statue and painting, drum, Books of Shadows

Shawnus Witch Vodoun Altars (1)

Candelabra from Covenstead, wands and swords, witch ancestor altar

Shawnus Witch Vodoun Altars (4)

Main deity altar with God and Goddess statues, Bastet altar, Anubis altar

Shawnus Witch Vodoun Altars (2)

Cauldrons and candles, athame, cup, pantacle

Shawnus Witch Vodoun Altars (3)

Vodoun altar, La Sirene, La Dominadora, Exu, Ghede, Damballah, Babaluaye

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  1. As always this looks wonderful G. You always have the best working house and I am envious as usual.
    Lady A.N.A.

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