Poem by Eric Angus Jeffords – “Your Lord is not my Shepherd”


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I found this poem by Eric Angus Jeffords entitled Your lord is not my Shepherd at his By Blood and Bone, By Staff and Stone blog and enjoyed it enough to share it with you. I have asked his permission to reblog it here.

Your lord is not my Shepherd

No one is my shepherd, for I am not a sheep.
I do not want, because I sustain myself.
I shall lie wherever I please,
And swim through murky ponds and raging rivers.
I shall find the pieces of my own soul,
And heal them through my own power.
I shall take the Middle, Crooked Road.
It is long and winding,
But at least I am not scratching myself with thorns
For someone else’s safety.
Oft do I walk through the valley of Death,
I do not fear it, I am one with it.
My staff and sword protect me,
For I have forged them myself.
I prepare my own table,
To celebrate my friends, and curse my enemies.
I anoint myself with poisonous medicine,
And fly forth in Spirit.
My cup is bottomless,
For there is always something to Know!
Power and humility shall be with me always,
And through my devotion
I shall dwell in the Kingdom of the Red Goat
For all eternity.


© 2012 Eric Angus Jeffords

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