Fundamentalist Christians Targeting My Blog Saying They “Like” It

wicked witch of the west

I noticed a few months ago that some blogster “liked” my post, so i went to his blog and it was a fundamentalist Christian site. Now why would they “like” my site except to get their Gravatar onto mine so when you all out of curiosity go to their site you will realize your sins of being witches and magickians and covert to their religion? After all aren’t we all evil Devil worshiping Satanists and going to hell, so they have to “save” us?

Of course we can police comments made on our blogs to decide if we want to let them through or not, but as far as i can see we cannot block people from “liking” our posts. So my first approach was the direct one and i went to his blog and posted a comment (which has never been approved) asking him to stop and telling him i considered it a type of harassment, kinda like the Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to my door, on my private property, and leaving their Watchtower magazines. Curiously now another fundie has started “liking” my posts so i guess the word is out who to target. I am not going to list their blogs since their Gravatars do no have links to their blogs but i can only see those in my notifications emails, and i am not trying to blacklist them publicly. I do not think they can see everyone who visits their site to track them back, and i always check out what someone is into before i approve it. But I think what they are doing is going through the WP topics search and trying to find witches or anyone else who is not of their religion to target.

Now i have nothing against Jesus and Mary, just Paul and everyone after him, and I even have an altar with statues of their sacred heart forms on it. I have posted some positive things about how i relate to those deities, and yes i have posted some satiric things also, but i make fun of all religions, even my own. But i believe in Live And Let Live and Freedom of Speech and Religion, and I do not like this.

So i posted a comment on the second fundie’s site, which goes though without her needing to approve it, asking her to stop also. And just this second i got an email regarding her response to another comment on that page and i see my comment was deleted. Regarding the first guy i went to the WP forum and someone suggested reporting their site, which i reported that blog as “abusive” and the reason why. Regarding the second blogster i will give her a second chance but if she “likes” another of my posts i shall report her also. So we shall see what WP does to protect us from this kind of sly handed “tract handout” footprint method on our blogs.

I blog because i like to share my ideas and share others posts but i guess because of the nature of my blogs i should have seen this coming, not that i can do anything except what i have done so far, and posting this “heads up” to my fellow bloggers.

Has anyone else had problems like this?

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  1. In short, YES.

    It was actually quite bizarre. As soon as I closed comments…I got a torrential downpour of “Likes” from Evangelistic bloggers. I never thought to report them, mostly because I’ve seen this with other types of blogs…I’ve gotten “Likes” from travel, photography, even financial blogs. They always had *many* followers. I have since termed them “WordPress Whores.” It seems that there’s an attitude of “Liking” as many pages as is humanly possible in order to attain as many followers as possible. My guess is that these Evangelicals “Like” pages like ours because they suspect there are others out there trolling who would be interested in what they’re selling. Or something like that.

    It is also interesting to me, that although I’ve hosted some very interesting conversations on my blog, not one of these Evangelistic, Fundamentalist types have made even one comment…Again, it’s only a guess but I suspect that they don’t bother because they expect us not to allow their comments as they will not allow ours.

    Would love to compare notes and see if they are the same blogs haunting both of us…

    • As soon as i posted again the second fundie “liked” it, so i immediately reported her to WP as an abusive blogster. But with freedom of speech they probably cannot really stop them. I wish WP would let us moderate Likes like they do Comments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the heads up, it’s appreciated!

    I think there’s a setting somewhere on the dashboard or in the actual draft of the post where you can disable the ‘like’ feature, I’ve seen a few blogs without ‘like’ under the post, nor on top where you have ‘following’, ‘like’, ‘reblog’ so I assume there must be a way to disable it. I know for sure when you write your draft, way under the box you have the option to tick (or not) the ‘show likes’ and ‘show sharing buttons’ options so might be worth to give it a try and see if it works like that.

    • I think only the MS Blogger blogs do not have the Like button. I do not want to disable it completely or hide the ones who Like it, just keep these fundies off my site. I have already reported them both as “abusive” and religious harassment. If they Like me again then i will report them as Spam. WP pays attention to such reports, but we do have freedom of speech in this country. That’s why i posted that because their Likes are embarrassing to me.

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