Reblog – “How to Survive a Fallow Time” from the Mystical Bewilderment blog


Archival Pics from the Dust Bowl

I don’t know about the rest of you stuck in the cold northern part of the Northern Hemisphere, but I am about sick of winter! And I am in a “Fallow Time” regarding my gods and witchcraft and magicke. But since Nature is fallow then i guess we get that way too for a reason. My teacher always told us to not try any magicke between Yule and Candlemass because it is a fallow time (not her words). And it does not help to be ill and having a huge medical decision to make coming up with no one answering any of my questions at the medical center for weeks, and taking a med that has a down affect too. I go through the motions with my meditations and rituals, but my power cord seems a bit frayed right now, lol. I need to cheer up and see a little green outside and a little hope inside!

Anyway, yesterday i found the Mystical Bewilderment blog, which is Kemetic and also has some good Voodoo posts on it, and found her (?) post on How To Survive a Fallow Time which helped me a lot. There are also a lot of good links on the post from The Kemetic Roundtable not all of which i have read yet but they are on the same subject.

So i hope this helps some of you as it may help me. Blessings.

Addendum – Even though it is still cold and windy out i went for a short walk out back and in a swampy area saw the first buds of skunk cabbage and some watercress growing. Yea!


Archival Pics from the Dust Bowl